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Stop Counting On Your Fingers

Dave Sea

This is the first book written by Dave and would be classified as non-fiction.
It started out as a project to help teach a teacher that he saw adding numbers by counting on her fingers then it just ballooned from there.   

After Dave figured out how to make it a lesson that people could actually use to learn, friends talked him into writing it in the form of a book.  Challenge Accepted!  Needless to say, writing this book inspired Dave to let the dormant writer in him come alive and the more he wrote, the more fun he had writing. 

Writing this book convinced Dave to put all the other stories he had rambling around in his head on paper.  The result is the books that follow this one. If you have time, let us know if you enjoy it or not.


This book that Dave wrote was very entertaining. The method he is teaching is easy to follow. Reading out loud lets you see and hear what you’re learning. Practice and memorizing is so important. It really works! Everyone will use these math skills all of their life. This book is a pleasure to read and learn in such a fun way. I have taught special education for five years and kindergarten in a public school for twenty-five years. Even the young students that I taught could use these methods. What a fund way to learn.
Good luck in your successful journey. Thanks, Dave
Sharon Damron
Public School Teacher for 30 Years (RET.)