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Dave The Inventor

Dave Sea

AKA also known as Dave Cook

Dave Sea/Dave Cook as an inventor.

Dave has always created products that solve problems.  His first real invention was when he was young and working in his and his father’s janitor business.  He created a machine that helped distribute floor wax stripper evenly and at a controlled rate.  This invention was definitely a patententable invention but at the time, they didn’t have the money or the know-how to even start.

Dave currently holds a United States Patent, #D684,875, for “Ruler Design”, issued June 25th, 2013.  This is a design patent for the way it is designed and the way it looks.  This is a ruler that, as you can see below, has every line marked so it takes all the guesswork and mistakes out of reading and using a ruler.  There are several different kinds of rulers related to this and, by-the-way, they are available for purchase.  Just click on the link below them.

Other inventions that are available for purchase are the Drive Label Bands.  You can see the information on them below as well. There are also another 10 inventions/products, which he has worked on over the course of the last few years with some of them fully developed.  The list by name: “Hold This” ladder tray, “Hold This” bucket tray, Air Curtains, Sleep Cloud, Cordneater, Plug-puller, Magic Ted, Birthday Permits, Craaazy Trails Series of games and Harley Girl Pet Memorials.  He loves to be creative and develop new innovations and products wherever he sees opportunity to offer “solve life’s little problems” products to the masses.

The Genuine Layman Ruler Series and the Easy Read Ruler are quick and easy accurate measurement at a glance. This series eliminates the confusion of reading your typical ruler.  Each line is marked, so there is No Guessing or Counting lines and fewer mistakes! It’s truly Measuring Made Easy.


Another one of Daves inventions

“You’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.”

No more wondering are grandma’s photos on this one or this other one or the one that is at home on the dresser.   Try a few bags out today.

Planna Funday Events Calendar

Dave also created a monthly events calendar newspaper of things to do in Maury County TN and the surrounding areas.  The Planna Funday Events Calendar included events happening in the area that were of interest to the general public.
(Planna Funday is no longer in print)